“Kolby is something rare. He is a young musician who not only has the chops, but also has the musical intuition to create something truly meaningful. His music so effectively invites an audience to not only listen, but feel, while simultaneously displaying the utmost compositional intelligence. It is a true honor for me to be able to call this incredible talent one of my greatest friends. To everyone out there: take this guy seriously!”

–Jesse Kaiser, composer

Nationally and internationally award winning vocalist, chorister, and composer Kolby Van Camp, is quickly building a reputation in the choral music world for his fresh compositions and unique performances.  Van Camp is an American composer who focusses on choral works for a host of different ensembles, including SATB, SSAA, TB, etc.  Van Camp is also an award winning vocalist and pianist, having placed in numerous regional, national, and international competitions.

“I firmly believe that the combination of choral music and the human connection results in one of the most powerful and impactful experiences an individual can ever have.”

–Kolby Van Camp

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