Exsultate Deo

Exsultate Deo is a TTBB divisi, a capella composition I wrote during my second semester of my freshman year of college.

Purchase scores here:

Short but sweet, Exsultate Deo was composed in a very short amount of time (about a week) and helped me break through a bit of a compositional shortage I was experiencing. I discovered the motif when doodling on the piano and quickly realized that this would be a really fun, rhythmic setting of the unique text. The 5/8 + 2/4 feel gives the piece a bouncing accuracy to the text setting and compliments the syllabic stress well. Esultate Deo will be available for purchase after February, 2019.


To my friends Oliver, RJ, Andy, Lorenzo, and Spencer: you have my undying 

December, 2018; Kansas State University

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