The Thunderstorm

The Thunderstorm is the second piece in the collection, Songs of the Prairie.  The compositional techniques within the song include chord clusters at the end of the low register of the piano to create the illusion of thunder, soaring melodic ideas at the opposite register of the piano to create the illusion of rain, and then eventual chaos between both registers with glaring dissonances as the solo voice rises to a a fevered pitch to harness the terror, fury, and might of an intense, Kansas thunderstorm.

The text I wrote attempts to capture the worry of the farmer as the weather begins to quickly change round him.  Anyone who has lived in the Midwest will be able to agree that some storms, the most powerful storms, fly up on a moment’s notice and both reign and rain terror from above.

The text:

Thunder rolls across the golden fields,
Echoing the sound of my sprinting heels,
To find cover from the rain.

The water falls quicker now,
I softly pray my crops won’t drown,
Lightning crackles in the clouds,
My children hurry in the cows,
To find shelter from the rain.

The storm has reached its frightening blast,
The corn bends over to the grass,
The mighty winds howl around,
My children’s terror does abound,
We hope our shelter holds,
We hope our shelter holds!

Thunder rolls across the golden fields,
The clouds slowly disappear,
The storm has gone at last.

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